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Hello, I'm Kyle Pounders.

The Beast (my food truck) and I travel America questing for the most willing and qualified mouths to shove a fat juicy burg into. For the last few years we have travelled coast to coast many times, rocked the highest highs, weathered the lowest of lows, and stand before you as a man and his steed who claim to just be getting started. 

We do it all to serve one item: The Classic All American Cheeseburger.

Beef, Bun, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Grilled Onions, Burger Sauce, Bacon (standard). 

Burg    $10

Mods   $100T

Home is Little Rock, Arkansaw. I do not spend as much time at home as I would like, but LR please know that you are my favorite.

Email (below) is my primary communication device. If you want to know first when I'll be where that is it.

I hope I get to meet you + feed you sometime soon. If you dig cheeseburgers and think we might get along shoot me a tweet ( @excaliburger_ ) to tell me where in the country (...or world) you're at + why I should come slang in your neighborhood. I have a tendency to show up, so you never know.

Stay tuned. Keep in touch. Join the mailing list at the bottom to be first on updates. Twitter is second best. 

Love y'all.

Drink more water and take good care of the person next to you. 


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