Excaliburger FAQ

Where are you going to be set up next?  Those on our mailing list are always the first to know! Or you can click HERE to view our schedule page.

What comes on the Excaliburger? Lettuce, Tomato, Pounders Pickles, Grilled Onions, Sauce, Cheese, Bacon, Burnt Bun.

The bacon comes standard!? Yes, boo. Under normal circumstances bacon and cheese are standard. (America. That's why.)

How much is the Excaliburger? Excaliburgers are always $10. Sometimes there will be a fee associated with a particular venue or location, in which case Excaliburger will raise prices or charge extra for bacon to compensate. 

Is tax included? Yes. I like easy numbers so 80% of the time it will be rounded to the dollar and at worst I'll round to the quarter.

What kind of beef do you use? It depends on where in the country I am. At home in Little Rock I use Creekstone Farms.

What kind of buns do you use? Same as the beef, it depends; at home I use a challah bun from Old Mill Bakery.

Do you ever do fancy burgers? No. I do the same thing over and over - the simplicity of what I do allows me to focus all my energy on getting a little better every time.

Can you hold the pickles? No.


But I don't like vegetables. You ain't gonna like Excaliburger.


What if I'm allergic. Of course I'll work with allergies.

What's in the sauce? The sauce was created by a round table of 13 who all secretly pitched in an ingredient. It took 27 rounds of absolutely terrible sauce to get to 28 - but there perfection was found. No single person shall ever fully know what is in the sauce.

That scares me. Can I leave the sauce off? We do have a secret menu item called the "Kids Burger" and it comes with meat, cheese, bread, and optional sauce, bacon, and sautéed onions. Otherwise it is what it is.


I saw someone with Avocado on their burger and another person with egg. That person has an Excaliburger tattoo. They have more options than you.

Where do you go? Literally anywhere I can drive! And a few places I can't. Based out of Little Rock though.


Can you do my private event? Maybe! Email Boom Dickson he handles all that - boom@excaliburger.com

How much do you charge for a private event? We're not doing much by way of private events these days. Send Boom Dickson an email and I'll see what I can do. boom@excaliburger.com

Will you do my wedding? Maybe! We only do one wedding a year and 2020 is already claimed by Miss Anna Claire Pounders and Mister Alec Groom (My sister and future brother in law. Congrats y'all!)


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