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  • EXCALI_URGE_ Shirt & Flag Combo Pack

    It's been a long road but Excaliburger is home. In honor of the blows taken we're doing a special print through the spring. 


    EXCALI_URGE_ Online Swag Pack


    Excaliburger is shedding skin this spring and it's going to be way fun for everyone involved. As it turns out, the truck is not built for cross-country travel and I have had a few casualties along the way. Among the losses are the letters "B" and the "R" from the side of the truck. Funny enough, my food truck now says Excali_urge_ which didn't intentionally mean anything but does kinda sound good. 


    The truck will soon transform into the marvelous showpiece it was always destined to be, someday all that will be left of her current disheveled status is a few pictures, memories, adn this t.shirt.

    • Online orders will be batch filled at the end of a campaign. Orders usually ship within a week of the closing date.  


    • SOTM is a gear program designed to fill your friends with jealousy more pure than Heisenburg's cleanest batch. The best part - by the time you flash your threads it will likely be too late for an admirer to imitate. 


      During a run you can get the item live at the Excaliburger food truck or here at Excaliburger.com. Timeframes will be strict so make your move if you think you're interested. 


      Hint: swag will be better and more interesting in person...